Exhibition from August 22nd to September 21st 2014 in Cachet Boutique Hotel, 931 Nanjing Xi Lu, near Taixing Lu, Shanghai

An Art Experience in partnership with Shanghai Daily and Cachet Boutique Hotel.


Wait a moment is an exhibition gathering cutting edge Chinese and Western contemporary artworks.

Ubiquitous phrase which immediately thrusts the human being into any number of recognizable situations. Being in a queue, being asked to queue longer. Being treading water between patience and frustration. Being on the line and at the end of it, tethered by a set of time bound rules. And in the same time, these same ‘waiting people’ are being asked to hurry, to run after time. Day after day they are getting more stressed, faster and older. They do not have time to look at their neighbors or themselves. People’s hearts are prisoner of this race, being sentenced to balance between running and waiting during his whole life. It is in a way, stuck in time.
Nobody really likes to wait, but who does not desire more time to reflect?
Wait a moment is foremost an interactive exhibition. The main reason beyond this curatorial process is to engage our audience in taking a moment to think. At the same time the goal of this exhibition is to invite the audience to join an interactive journey across time and locations. Our installations invite the largest amount of people to start a dialogue. The idea is to combine multi media artworks produced by a young generation of artists from different cultural background. We also invited artist using traditional media as well as the latest technology to diversify our audience experience. The goal of this exhibition is to invite the audience to take a moment to for a creative journey across time and locations.

For more information and reservation please contact us by email: info@llamart.hk


2014年8月22日到9月21日特展 - 凯世精品酒店 (上海南京西路931号, 近泰兴路)

—Llamart精选国内国际优秀当代艺术家作品,联合Shanghai Daily、凯世精品酒店主办的艺术鉴赏会。


“等等”,恐怕是出现在我们生活中的最高频词汇之一了——排队中,请求时,询问后, 无时无刻,无孔不入。




预约参加及更多信息请联系我们: info@llamart.hk