About the Artwork

The Wind Rose, as a starting point for the imaginary of the journey, of the discovery. Finding one’s way with the wind direction. Moving from one point to another while maintaining his course. This has always been the desire of sailors. The nautical world counted 32 winds. 32 directions of the possible. Sailing, surfing on the web ... Maintaining a course in the global network. With geolocalisation we are the cardinal points of a global positioning system. Our "personal navigation map" was added almost naturally to our social identity card. Real map of the history of our physical and virtual movements in the world. A world in which we need to maintain a course to draw our own imaginary lines.

About the Artist

*LLND is born from the meeting in 2003 of Laurent Lettrée and Nathalie Delpech, in Paris. From their passion of sound and moving image originated a fusion artwork form. Building a world by putting in resonance the light, the sound, and the matter is always at the heart of *LLND’s artwork. Their first performances were like a research of synchronization of multiple media on a quest for an ideal artistic fusion. They spoke of synesthesia ... of total experience for the senses.

Wind Roses, South China Sea . Lat: 15°36'N - Long: 114°82'E

by *LLND

Acrylic engraving, polished Stainless still, LED, edition 1/8
$ 12,000
120 x 65,5 x 4 cm

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