About the Artwork

Light is always present in a painting. It is consider as the necessary channel connecting audience and artist, past and present, meanwhile, it is also the pupil to look through your dreams.

About the Artist

Yang Xun’s innermost feelings of traditional literati are hidden within his stylish and handsome appearance. Sentiment, an obsession with tradition, is the most direct insight from Yang Xun’s works. Dark tones create a scene of wandering in the dream as if a weightless soul pursues spiritual destiny with the hold of light source. The overexposed garden and twisted twigs in his work represent the feelings of helplessness of vanishing tradition, life’s impermanence and inconstancy. Yang Xun studies the combination of the tradition and the present, the reality and the dream, the personal memories and the historical memories continually.

Secret Garden No.3

by Yang Xun

Acrylic on canvas
$ 15,570
50.5 x 60.5 x 0.1 cm

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