About the Artist

“To break the limits of minds and consciousness, Meng Yangyang uses extremely direct and simple expression mingled with her subconsciousness.” Zhong Biao “The paintings of Meng Yangyang represent her earthly arguments closely to her age and personal emotions, without letting the frustration created by the consumption society disturbing her inspiration. However, her paintings are still full her naivety, absurdness, sensitiveness and even sophistication provoking an inner indomitable uproar to the spectator. Meng Yangyang acts like a self-hypnosis in the adult world. ” Zheng Naiming “I'm the director of my own works, like Karwai Wong, drafting the story, selecting the actors and then writing the script and polishing the details, not the other way around.”—Self statement


by Meng Yangyang

Oil painting
$ 800
22.5 x 22.5 x 0.1 cm

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