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Ink painting serie

About the Artist

Both of her parents were professors at the Central Academy of Design and Craft Arts (now known as Tsinghua University Art Academy). Art is in her blood. Dan started painting at the age of 3. Since then her works were chosen and entered in many children’s art exhibitions in her homeland and also overseas, winning prizes throughout the world. When she turned 17 Zhang Dan sat the exam and entered the middle school of the Fine Art Academy in Beijing. In 1988 she entered the Center of Fine Art Academy Folk Art Department, continuing her studies. She was the first student to exhibit her work (CAFA gallery, 1990) whilst still studying. Her paintings were beginning to be sought after by foreign art collectors and she also took part in the Beijing Youth art Exhibition in early 90’s. After Zhang Dan graduated from CAFA in 1992 she received an invitation to exhibit her works at the Naprstko Museum of Prague in the Czech Republic. She then lived in Prague for 18 years. She has participated in exhibitions in the Czech and Slovak Republic and Germany. In 2006 she was invited to present a solo exhibition at Lucerna gallery in the centre of Prague. The gallery is owned by the family of the former president Vaclav Havel and one of Dan’s paintings was collected by them. Zhang Dan has recently returned to the country of her birth, China, as a very unique, individual artist. She has exhibited at 798 and her works are now being sought by Chinese and overseas art collectors.


by Zhang Dan

Ink on paper
$ 10,660
120 x 120 x 0.1 cm

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