About the Artwork

In this post-apocalyptic America, we have traded quality for price and jobs for corporate profits and we are no longer governed, we are ruled.

About the Artist

Chicago artist David Loew has earned a reputation as an accomplished artist, and photographer. In the commercial world he has worked with companies as varied as Playboy magazine, HBO and Miramax Films; but he is best known in the publishing industry. During his career he has created cover art for over 250 titles, among the authors are such notables as Stephen King, Joyce Carol Oates, Mary Higgens Clark, Ruth Rendell, Len Deighton and Derek Van Arman, to name a few. As a fine artist, he has exhibited in numerous group and one-man shows in both the United States and Europe, where he lived for several years.

Dollar Store

by David Loew

Medium fine art inkjet print, printed with archival inks on archival paper
$ 1,263
82 x 67 x 3 cm

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