Llamart is a cross-cultural platform for contemporary art, curating a selection of cutting-edge Chinese and Western artists.

Created in 2011, in Hong Kong, by a French and a Chinese, Llamart aims to make the beauty and diversity of art accessible to a large audience as well as establishing new cultural bridges between East and West. Our goal is to provide a simple way to discover artists and acquire artworks without language barriers and regardless of your physical location. In 2014, we established our new branch in Suzhou, to expand our presence in China.


Llamart is simply your link to contemporary art!


Artworks available at a fixed price or via online bidding, including shipping services

A selection of limited editions design objects available online sales including shipping services

A complete solution to bring artworks from cutting edge Chinese and International artists inside your venue:

• Curating artworks for permanent decoration
• Organizing artistic events and performances in commercial venues
• Renting artworks for temporary decoration
• Managing the creation of unique artworks on request
• Providing complete solution integrating marketing, logistic, interior design
• Exclusive In situ service for temporary exhibitions

• Artist Studio tour and visits on request

• Art consultancy about artworks acquisition, team building, marketing tools


Mil Wang, Co-founder

Used to work as Beijing Manager for the Australia China Art Foundation, deeply involved in the Chinese art scene.


Cedric van RIEL, Co-founder
Rich experience in luxury hospitality industry.
Well connected with the European art scene.

Cheng Meixin, Contemporary Art Expert, Art critics

Graduated from Nankai University and lived in Europe for many years, he became a specialist of Chinese contemporary art and one of the best Chinese independent art critics.


Victor Chisun, Graphic Designer


Zhang Jiaqi, Program Manager


Jiaqi supervises and participated in the construction of Llamart.hk.


Gu Xiaoyu, Operation Director


Expert on company management and online system analysis.


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