How does Llamart work?
Llamart organizes an online venue allowing art lovers to buy artworks without constraints of access, time or location. Llamart offers a curated selection of artworks provided by its partners the best artists and galleries in China and internationally. In complement, Llamart provides a full range of services facilitating and securing your purchase including personalized assistance, fine art shipping services and insurance.
How to Buy Art on Llamart?
Llamart offers two ways of buying artworks:

Llamart Auctions organized on specific dates, enabling you to bid on unique lots from your computer or your mobile device. You will need to register to participate to Llamart Auctions.

Llamart Store offers artworks from our partners available continuously at a fixed price. Llamart Giftshop provides a large variety of design objects ornament and jewelry from young designers and companies.

How to sell Art on Llamart?
If you are an artist, a gallery owner, a collector or a company owner please join us by clicking on Sell my art. Llamart will review your application and contact you to finalize our partnerships. Listing artworks on Llamart Auctions, Store and Giftshop is free. Llamart only takes commissions on sales made online.
How to be sure of the artworks' authenticity?
We carefully select our partners based on the artworks quality they offer and their standard of business. All our partners warranty the artworks' authenticity and provide authenticity certificates.
How to pay on Llamart?
We offer varieties of secured payment methods such as Credit card, Paypal or Wire transfer. There availability will depend on the value of the artworks and its destination. The reference currency is USD.
How to receive my artworks?
Llamart organizes the shipping for your purchase according to the value and size of the artwork but also its origin and destination. Llamart uses a variety of logistic providers from generalist like UPS to specialized fine arts logistic such as Crown Fine Arts. Our logistic provider will provide you insurance. You can also choose to make you own shipping arrangement.
Where to find my Selection and my Orders in process?
Your selection of artworks will appear in “My collection” where you can directly purchase them. In this section will also appear your Orders in process and your Acquisitions. A notification number will appears when actions are required.