About the Artwork

Les humains essayent en permanence de contrôler le temps. Nous sommes tous obséder par cette idée. La progression, la perte, l'usage n'échapperont jamais au jugement du temps. La photographie semble fournir aux gens une certaine satisfaction, il semble que ce soit grâce a ce média qu'ils arrivent à conquérir l'inconquérable.

About the Company

Liu Dao is a Shanghai-based art collective of tech-geeks and creative talents driven by innovation and interaction. The collective produces cutting edge art that constantly contemplates the future of Asia, engages sights and scenes from old and new China and elevates the skills of new talents by working from a communal forum. Liu Dao's art is visual, interactive, conceptual, humorous, and somber - but always striking, always involving fresh takes on modern technology, and always the product of collaboration. Island6 Arts Center often features guest directors and guest curators for different exhibitions, allowing an international and cross-cultural foundation for original ideas to be born from many sources of input rather than one.

This Moment is Gone

by Liu Dao

RGB LED display, peinture acrylique, collage papier, cadre en tek
on request
67 x 48 x 5 cm

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