About the Artist

The overwhelming beauty of the rain-forest and its depressing devastation, are the two main subjects of the work by Brazilian painter Totonho. Born in 1958 in the countryside of the state of Bahia, Totonho is a person of nature by heart. Totonho started to paint at a very early age. In 1972 he moved to Bahia’s capital Salvador, where he refined his skills and started his artistic career. Over the years his work evolved and became more versatile. Being a self-taught artist, Totonho is much more than a typical Brazilian naive painter. His subjects and technique are hardly traditional, and his paintings defy classification. Throughout his career Totonho’s work has been shown at many solo and group exhibitions in Portugal, France, Spain, Great-Britain, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, The Netherlands, Canada, the US and Brazil.

Seduction Game (Jogo de Sedução)

by Totonho

Acrylic on canvas
$ 3,500
80 x 60 x 4 cm
Brazil / Portugal

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