About the Artwork

Zhang Tianjun took inspiration from traditional Chinese landscape paintings of Song dynasty, repeatedly superposed a multitude of layers instead of simply accumulating pigment on the canvas. Thus his paintings have extremely rich texture with different layers even though they look really thin. Sometimes he will tear some layers off to expose others releasing more space for people's imagination.

About the Artist

Zhang Tianjun was born in Shanghai and graduated from China Academy of Art in Hangzhou. He lived the typical life of his generation. We can still feel his youth in his painter hands. Many of Zhang Tianjun's landscape painting series copies or borrows from ancient Chinese paintings. However, the artist adds his unique method of production when borrowing from traditional images by integrating traditional themes with a special layers of texture or background. The materials he uses are common canvas and paints. Since the very beginning of his creation process, he has been trying to find out how to use these materials and media to the fullest extent to achieve a very particular effect. From the day canvas and frames arrive at his studio, Zhang Tianjun becomes a craftsman, taking care of each step until his artworks are completed. To him, it is an extremely painstaking process bringing a total fullness sensation.

Landscape 2014

by Zhang Tianjun

Oil Paintings on Canvas
on request
100 x 93 x 2 cm

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