About the Artwork

Zhou Qian paints landscapes of traditional Chinese compositions using impressionist, symbolist or surrealist color techniques. Flowers of ink are often brightened by touches of oil painted colors. Imperceptible traces of streams, clouds, rocks and plants emerge in fresh and light air. Shades of seasons dance successively in a soft blow of wind. A myriad of emotions harmoniously blend together to bring us to this dreamed land of luxury, tranquility and delight. A land where nature seduces us in alternative versions, and where life blooms in its most beautiful forms and creativity climaxes.

About the Artist

A native of Shanghai, Zhou Qian developed an interest in calligraphy and painting early under the influence of her father, a renowned calligrapher. Determined to forge her own style, she ventured outside of her Chinese roots and studied oil painting at Singapore's Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. After her graduation in 1999, she returned to China to focus on landscape painting at National Painting Academy of China and painting of flowers and birds at Shanghai Chinese Painting Academy. She has been widely recognised as the 3rd generation heiress to the great Chinese painter Li Keran. In her art, Zhou Qian fuses her Eastern heritage harmoniously with Western training, having developed a style that blends the vibrant colors of oil painting with calligraphic strokes. She provides a fresh and unique interpretation of Chinese philosophy and symbolism. Her work "South China View" was selected by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the P.R.C. as a national gift to the Indian Foreign Minister, S.M. Krishna. Zhou Qian is also an active contributor to the Arts and Literature scenes in Shanghai, as well as various social and charity events.

Blue Flower 2

by Zhou Qian

Mix medium on rice paper
$ 8,150
51 x 39 x 1 cm

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