About the Artwork

Gravity is best described by Einstein as a consequence of the curvature of Space Time. After doing the Time Compressions series related to memory and the Time Resonance serie which visualises sound through water, the duo *LLND started a new serie of paintings called Gravity. These twirling Artworks show constellations, stars, planets, black holes and cosmic universes.

About the Artist

*LLND is born from the meeting in 2003 of Laurent Lettrée and Nathalie Delpech, in Paris. From their passion of sound and moving image originated a fusion artwork form. Building a world by putting in resonance the light, the sound, and the matter is always at the heart of *LLND’s artwork. Their first performances were like a research of synchronization of multiple media on a quest for an ideal artistic fusion. They spoke of synesthesia ... of total experience for the senses.

Gravity - 6

by *LLND

Oil Paintings on Canvas
on request
100 x 100 x 1 cm

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