About the Artwork

[CLICK ON THE PICTURE TO LAUNCH ANIMATION] How many trees do you think there are on earth? In the not too distant past (shortly before the proliferation of weather/GPS satellites) scientists estimated that the earth was home to somewhere around 400 billion trees. This guess seemed quite logical at the time but once we were able to take a look from above and do some more informed estimates we realized how low that number was. For example, the Amazon basin alone is home to 390 billion trees. The most researched and respectable estimate today puts the number of trees on earth at 3.04 trillion. In the White Mountains of California there is the oldest known living tree, a Great Basin Bristlecone Pine that was cored and dated (by Edmund Shulman and Tom Harlan) at 5,065 years old. If this is indeed the oldest living tree on the planet that means that when it first sprouted from the soil, none of the other 3.04 trillion trees existed yet. It also means that all the other trees alive at that time aren’t alive anymore. With the right amount of care and a little bit of luck, who knows what some simple things might someday become. [Ryan Nimmo]

About the Company

Liu Dao is a Shanghai-based art collective of tech-geeks and creative talents driven by innovation and interaction. The collective produces cutting edge art that constantly contemplates the future of Asia, engages sights and scenes from old and new China and elevates the skills of new talents by working from a communal forum. Liu Dao's art is visual, interactive, conceptual, humorous, and somber - but always striking, always involving fresh takes on modern technology, and always the product of collaboration. Island6 Arts Center often features guest directors and guest curators for different exhibitions, allowing an international and cross-cultural foundation for original ideas to be born from many sources of input rather than one.

Waiting Wondering Wishing

by Liu Dao

RGB LED display, Giclée print face-mounted on plexiglass, stainless steel frameess steel frame
on request
75,5 x 195.5 x 5 cm

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