About the Artwork

'Wall Cuttings' est la troisième collection de ma série 'Urban Mosaic'. A partir de plus de 4500 photos - détails de murs de Manhattan prises entre 2008 et 2012 - Je découpe des formes géométriques que j'assemble en collages abstraits. Je joue avec les motifs de textures, couleurs et tons pour créer des rythmes et des harmonies dynamiques à partir des murs urbains fatigués. Cette collection marque mon premier pas d'un travail artistique digital à un travail manuel.

About the Artist

Originally from Alsace, France, I have called Harlem, New York my home for the past nine years. Primarily self-taught in photography, I have refined my skills through classes at the International Center of Photography in New York, where I was also an Assistant Teacher. I am fascinated by details, inspired by personal interactions, and I structure my creative process with visual fragments that I collect in my daily life, travels, and relationships. I use these fragments to create my photographic collages. My work takes as its inspiration the fragmentary details and varied textures of everyday objects. By the use of a mix of techniques such as manual and digital collage, photomontage, and painting, I attempt to bring out their idiosyncratic and off-beat beauty to counter the blandness of perfection. Brought into final form with the medium of photography, it is always my goal to create an acceptable tension between the straightforward, though formally disassembled representation of the subject, and the abstract composition of the whole. By focusing on intimate detail and the specific character of a chosen subject matter I hope that my work acts as a kind of magnifying glass that compels the viewer to not only “look” but to “observe.”

Study of circles - Rosace#1

by Capucine Bourcart

$ 3,500
97 x 97 x 0,1 cm
New York, NY

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