About the Artist

Marc Jorma Lécureur is a representative of classical french painting but not only. Of course, he excels in the technic inherited from the masters of the 17th century, but the composition of his subjects and lights fall within an approach of Philippe de Champaigne or Jean Siméon Chardin. However, there is something contemporary in his creativity, although eternal, the concept of absence and emptiness. This absolute question is hidden behind his composition, questioning us about our temporal human condition and motivating us to find an ideal. The duration of individual thinking is so short. Watch closely his works, let them wrap you under their folds. Without a doubt, he is discreetly mentioning somewhere his vision of the secret of existence, hidden under the decency and elegance of a believer painter.

Bible Robe et Accoudoirs

by Marc Lécureur

Oil on canvas
$ 4,600
65 x 80 x 3 cm

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