02/22/1977, Paris


*Laurent Lettrée, born in 1977
He lives 7 years in the United States and continues his studies at the university of Charleston. His passion for the sound is stronger than all and will be the principal engine of his artistic research. His affiliation with the « nouveau realist » art movement confirmed his skill as manufacturer of sounds to translate the abstractions in art into music.
*Nathalie Delpech, born in 1972
Impassioned of literature, art and social sciences, she studies the Visuals Arts. Continues her course at the « Art Décoratif –ENSAD » in Paris with a diploma in Cinema-Animation Cartoon-Video and a specialization in synthesized image, special effect.
Her video animations and her graphic art are often perceived as a poetic meeting of the psychadelism and surrealism.


2013 * Kimapstic* (solo) @ Studio Rouge Gallery, Hongkong
2012 * Speaker Mouths* (solo) @ "Illuminations de Paris", and The Fouquet's, Paris
2012 * Brain Waves, Wind Roses* @ SH Contemporary Fair with La Galerie Italienne, Shanghai
2011 * Time Compression – serie portraits * (solo) @ Hong Merchant Gallery, Shanghai
2011 * PEH* @ Gallery input-output, Hongkong
2010 * Generation Pixel * @ Dexter Gallery, Paris
2010 * Speaker Mouths* @ French week Music Day, Xintiandi, Shanghai
2009 * WBW* @ SH Contemporary Fair with Fuxing Galery, Shanghai
2009 * Silk Road Inner Road* (solo) @ Organhouse Art Space, Chongqing
2008 * Treeble Septuor* @ Next Art Fair with Walsh Gallery, Chicago
2008 * ESC8-environment sound controler (solo) *@Reuilly space, Paris
2007 * Treeble Septuor* @ 35 th Poznan Triennial of Sculpture, Poland
2006 * Kit Art* (solo) @ Anne Lettree Gallery, Paris
2006 * Animated Fragments n°3 * @ Cartoon Art Festival and Art Digital, Chang Zhou
2005 * 18 pixels3* @ Numeric Carrefour of the City of Sciences and Industry, Paris,
2005 * Sonochrome bleu3 * @ 5th European 5th Exhibition for Young Creators, Montrouge
2004*Chinese Square * @ Art Saint Germain, 100 galleries make the event”, Paris
2004 * Project 303, third life* @ Shanghai Biennale opening, Shanghai
Selected Commissioned Artworks
JCEF Shanghai, 2013- Daning Life Hub, 2011- Maybelline Loreal, 2011 - Perriet-Jouet, 2011 – Shuion Sh, 2010 - French Embassy, 2010 – Maison Blanche, 2007 - Audi, 2003 – Pierre Cardin Castel opening, 2001


Art Collections
*Fq 808Hz, Jing Opera @ Xu Cun Art Museum. Shanxi Provence
*Fq 225Hz, Jing Opera @ Xu Cun Art Museum. Shanxi Provence
*Fq 432Hz, Rebirth Xu Cun @ Xu Cun Art Museum. Shanxi Provence
*Pink Brain* @ Island6 Art collection, 2013
*New Year Listener * @ CLAC, University Jean Moulin Lyon 3, 2010
* Time Compression*@ Bernard Arnault, LVMH Art collection, 2005

About the Artist

*LLND is born from the meeting in 2003 of Laurent Lettrée and Nathalie Delpech, in Paris. From their passion of sound and moving image originated a fusion artwork form. Building a world by putting in resonance the light, the sound, and the matter is always at the heart of *LLND’s artwork. Their first performances were like a research of synchronization of multiple media on a quest for an ideal artistic fusion. They spoke of synesthesia ... of total experience for the senses.