PARTNERS / Artist / Capucine Bourcart

Capucine Bourcart



02/11/1975, Colmar, France


1998, Bachelor in German, IPLV, Angers, France
2006, Master in marketing and business development, Essec, Paris
2008-2010, Continuing studies in photography, ICP, New York
2011, Class - create patterns, FIT, New York


• KUNSTHAUS SCHILL GALLERY, Germany - “Urban Mosaic“ (solo exhibition)

• FLUX ART FAIR, NY - “Deep Skin" (Group exhibition)
• ART EXPO NEW YORK, NY - "Urban Mosaic" (Group exhibition)
• MUSÉE THÉODORE DECK, France - “Théodore Deck Fragmenté" (Solo exhibition)

• LA MAISON D'ART, NY - “COLOR PLAY by Capucine Bourcart and Tomo Mori" - "Wall Cuttings" (Duo exhibition)
• ART TORONTO 2014, Toronto, Canada - "Wall Cuttings" represented by the gallery Contempop
• HARLEM ART WALKING TOUR 2014, NY - “Urban Mosaic - Wall Cuttings" (Solo exhibition)
• HARLEM BIENNALE's KICK OFF HB2015, NY - “Urban Mosaic" (Group exhibition)
• LA TUILERIE, Hartmanzwiller, France - “Urban Mosaic" (Group exhibition)
• NIDAU GALLERY, Nidau, Switzerland - URBAN MOSAIC: NEW YORK - “Urban Mosaic" (Solo exhibition)
• ART IN FLUX GALLERY, NY - IN HER SKIN - “The Perfect Woman” (Group exhibition)
• Assemblée Nationale, Paris, France - Exhibition of the artwork "Bastille Flag” from the “Urban Mosaic" series

• HAWT, NY - “Kaleidoscopes,” “Still Lifes” and “Perfect Woman” (Solo exhibition)
• GALERIE DE LA BAIE, France - “Urban Mosaic” (Solo exhibition)
• CASA FRELA GALLERY, NY - “Urban Mosaic” (Solo exhibition)
• LEROY NEIMAN ART CENTER, NY - 10 SQUARED - 100 Ways of Looking at the World - “The wall: An Urban Mosaic” (Group exhibition)

• HAWT, NY - “Urban Mosaic: Wall of the City” (Solo exhibition)
• MOTHERHOOD MUSEUM,NY - “39 Weeks of Pregnancy as an Art Basis” (Solo exhibition)
• ARSENAL GALLERY CENTRAL PARK, NY - Nature’s Return - “Nature Denatured” (Group exhibition)

• HOAST, NY - “South India, a Travel with Challenges” (Solo exhibition)
• FRENCH CULTURE NIGHTS, NY - “South India a Travel with challenges” (Group exhibition)

• HAWT, NY - “Wall of the City” and “Nature Denatured”
• FRENCH CULTURE NIGHTS, NY - “Rain Lights in NY” (Solo exhibition)

• HOAST, NY -“Rain Lights in NY,” “39 Weeks of Pregnancy as an Art Basis,” and “Diary” (Solo exhibition)

• Lumen Prize: “New York Walls - RED” has been selected in the Lumen Price Exhibition that has travelled the world in 2013

• Museum of Motherhood, New York, NY
• Musée Théodore Deck, Guebwiller, France


Nidau Gallery, Hauptstrasse 13 CH-2560 Nidau, Switzerland
Gallery Christophe Fleurov, Strasbourg, France

About the Artist

Originally from Alsace, France, I have called Harlem, New York my home for the past nine years. Primarily self-taught in photography, I have refined my skills through classes at the International Center of Photography in New York, where I was also an Assistant Teacher. I am fascinated by details, inspired by personal interactions, and I structure my creative process with visual fragments that I collect in my daily life, travels, and relationships. I use these fragments to create my photographic collages.

My work takes as its inspiration the fragmentary details and varied textures of everyday objects. By the use of a mix of techniques such as manual and digital collage, photomontage, and painting, I attempt to bring out their idiosyncratic and off-beat beauty to counter the blandness of perfection.

Brought into final form with the medium of photography, it is always my goal to create an acceptable tension between the straightforward, though formally disassembled representation of the subject, and the abstract composition of the whole.

By focusing on intimate detail and the specific character of a chosen subject matter I hope that my work acts as a kind of magnifying glass that compels the viewer to not only “look” but to “observe.”