PARTNERS / Artist / Liu Jiajia

Liu Jiajia



04/05/1985, Tianjin, China


2012 - Master, Central Academy of Fine Arts
2008 - Bachelor, Central Academy of Fine Arts,
2006 - State Scholarship in Central Academy of Fine Arts
2005 - State Scholarship in Central Academy of Fine Arts
2004 - The Affiliated High School of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts
2001 - State Scholarship in Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts


2015 - “Shanghai found Stolberg 1”,Stolberg, Germany
2015 - “Shanghai found Stolberg 2”,Stolberg, Germany
2015 - 3rd Haikou international youth experimental arts festival,Haikou, Hainan
2015 - City expression of collaborative exhibition of works of chinese major cities professional fine and academy collections of works at the 5th conference, Hainan Provincial Museum, Hainan
2014 - “Face to face 2”,Stolberg, Germany
2014 - “Walking between traditional era and contemporary era”,Chengdu
2013 - Pastroal - International Contemporary Art Exhibition, 798, Beijing
2013 - “Face to face 1”,Dusseldorf, Germany
2012 - China Central Academy of Fine Arts Specially Selected Works of the Graduate Exhibition,CAFA Art Museum,Beijing
2012 - “Fu Long Cup”Nomination Exhibition for Colleague Students,Today Art Museum, Beijing
2010 - Young Artists Exhibition of Beijing
2008 - Taiwan 13rd International Print Biennial,Taiwan
2008 - “Exhibition for Students of Contemporary Art Academies”,Today Art Museum, Beijing


“Neverland”,Amelie Gallery,Beijing
“The Age of Innocence”,Raphael's Legend, Beijing
“Over the Sky”,Wei Gallery, M50, Shanghai

About the Artist

My creations are full of complex emotions. There is an unknown world of fantasy in my mind, where flows soft and quite air. It reflects the unique charm of unbalance. I am open minded to reconstruct such a world without any limits of using different sorts of media.