PARTNERS / Artist / Sébastien Osswald

Sébastien Osswald



03/15/1977, France, Colmar


2011 : Fine Art Institute of Besançon
1996-2001 : Hear Strasbourg (Ecole Nationale supérieure des Arts décoratifs, DNSEP speciality illustration)


2015 : Hong-Kong Art Fair,
2015 : Individual exhibition in Wuhan international french school
2015 : Exhibited in the Alliance Françaises network : Wuhan, Xian, Beijing.
2015 : Hong-Kong Art Fair, présenté par Noeli Gallery, Shanghai
2014 : Individual exhibition in Ban Mu Yuan Museum, Tan Hua Lin, Wuhan
2013 : Individual exhibition in Micropolis, Besançon (Invité d’Honneur)
2013 : Ephemeral creation im Gallery 54, Wuhan, China
2012 : Individual exhibition in Galerie Numaga, Neuchâtel, Switzerland.
2012 : Individual exhibition in Besançon Fine Art Institue, France
2011 : Individual exhibition in the European Council, Strasbourg, France
2011 : Second price for French Rotary Club's contemporary painting competition.
2011 : Individual exhibition in Vivienne Art Gallery, Paris
2011 : Individual exhibition in the contemporary art center André Malraux, Colmar, France ; first institutional retrospective
2010 : Individual exhibition in Galerie Lémurie, Paris
2010 : St’Art Strasbourg Contemporary Art Fair
2010 : Individual exhibition in Seven Houses Gallery, Anvers, Belgium
2009 : Individual exhibition in UNESCO, Paris
2009 : International Art Fair, Anvers, Belgium
2009 : Individual exhibition in Galery Heine, Strasbourg, France
2009 : International Art Fair in la Bastille, Paris
2008 : Individual exhibition in Numaga gallery, Neuchâtel, Switzerland
2008 : First price in Molsheim Art Contemporary Fair, France
2005 : French cultural Center Albert Camus, Madagascar


Gallery Heine, Strasbourg, France (2010-2011)
Numaga, Neuchatel, Switzerland (2008 - 2011 - 2016)
Gallery Vivienne, Paris (2010)

About the Artist

He takes us into a world both strange and sensitive, imaginative and real. His detailed paintings lead us to ask questions about contemporary issues: globalisation, the place of new media and virtual relationships between individuals. The paintings allow us to see what makes us universal, and at the same time unique. Most of his work is on plaid fabric which is his canvas and enables him to paint according to the pattern of the material. Thus he must work within the constraints of the cloth: its size, pattern, and material to create a pictorial language of his own. The result is a particular energy where each aspect of colour and texture is considered.