PARTNERS / Artist / Tao Hongjing

Tao Hongjing



08/08/1979, Shanghai


Ecole National des Beaux-Arts, France.


2013 Retrospective – Studio Rouge HK, Hong Kong
2013 Secret 7 – Chris Gill, Shanghai
2013 Stamping Out – Studio Rouge at the Bund, Shanghai
2012 Ruby, Rowy, Rhino, Rock Hong Kong! – Studio Rouge, Hong Kong
2012 The Left Leg of A Cat – IFA Gallery, Gwangju ,Korea
2012 Loop – Galleria 5, Oulu, Finland
2012 Practices – Mejan gallery, Stockholm, Finland
2012 Nirvana – Studio Rouge M50, Shanghai
2012 Selection Committee – CCCA, Paris
2012 Belle Jounée Pour L’Amour – OUI, Grenoble, France
2012 Ruby, Roxy and... – Studio Rouge, Shanghai
2011 Places I Have Never Been To – Blue Lotus, Hong Kong
2011 Amithaba – Studio Rouge at the Bund, Shanghai
2011 Through the Looking Glass – DQE, Cologne, Germany


Independent Artist

About the Artist

For the past ten years the young artist Tao Hongjing has been channeling his oriental identity to create innovative and stylish art that cheekily reflects and critiques the concrete paradise of opportunity and prosperity that is China. As a conceptual artist, Tao Hongjing applies diverse media to reinforce the messages of his experience.