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Yang Xun



09/25/1981, Chongqing, China


2001 Graduated from The High School Affiliated with The Sichuan Fine Arts Institute
2005 Graduated with Undergraduate Degree from the Oil Painting Department of the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute


Solo Exhibitions:
2012 Peony Pavilion, Xin Dong Cheng Space for Contemporary Art, Beijing, China
2011 Memory Loss, Richard Koh Fine Art, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Memory Loss, Art Seasons Gallery, Singapore
2010 Memory Loss, Fun Art space, Beijing, China
2009 Broken Memory: The Art Z-Park 1st international Art Exposition, Fun Art Space, Beijing, China
2008 The Dream Interrupted, Fun Art space, Beijing, China
The Time That It Carved Light, Fun Art Space, Seoul, Korea

Selection of Group Exhibitions:
2014 Focus China - Contemporary Art Exhibition in Montreal, Quebec, artistic place des arts, Montreal, Canada
2013 across the Pacific - Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Art 2013 Basel Miami Beach, Miami, United States
2013 " Beijing - Belgrade " Chinese contemporary art new scene , the Yugoslav History Museum, Serbia
2013 "Temperature" Chinese young artists to support the promotion plan (CYAP) Istanbul Exhibition , Istanbul, Turkey
2013 " Beijing - Prague " Chinese contemporary art new scene , the Czech National Gallery , Prague, Czech Republic
2013 The Fifth Element Young Artists Exhibition , Art Museum , Suzhou , Suzhou, China
2013 Multiple clusters - China International Youth Arts Week · Contemporary Youth Arts Exhibition, Bloom Gallery, Beijing , China
2013 Sixth Chengdu Biennale - new exhibition highlights a decade , Chengdu Modern Art Museum , Chengdu, China
2013 " Mountains Qingyuan - China New Painting " Santa Monica Art Centre , Barcelona, Spain
2013 " Beijing - Bucharest " Chinese contemporary art new scene , the Romanian National Museum of Contemporary Art , Bucharest, Romania
2013 Evolution - Pioneer Center for Contemporary Art Exhibition Opening , Pioneer Center for Contemporary Art , Nanjing, China
2013 Face Flow - 2013 Art Exhibition of Beijing Agricultural Exhibition Center , Beijing , China
2013 Self-generated - from Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts 20 years of experiments and practice , Suzhou Art Museum, Suzhou , China
2013 " Beijing - Sofia " Chinese contemporary art new scene , the Bulgarian National Telecommunications Museum Art Center , Sofia , Bulgaria
2013 "Mirror & Shadow" Contemporary Chinese Youth Art Exhibition, National Gallery of Indonesia , Jakarta, Indonesia
2013 " Mountains Qingyuan - Liuchang Story" , Fukuoka Asian Art Museum , Fukuoka , Japan
2012 Miami Art Fair, l'Art Gallery, Miami, USA
2012 Taipei Art Fair, l'Art Gallery,Taipei,Taiwan
2012 New Direction,The Moscow Museum of modern art,Moscow,Russia
2012 Shanghai Contemporary International Art Fair,Ether space,Shanghai,China
2012 Looking Awry-The unconscious in Contemporary Chinese Art, Iberia Center for Contemporary Art,Beijing,China
2012 China International Youth Arts Week-Symbiosis,Red Star Gallery,Beijing,China
2012 Art Stage Singapore 2012, Xin Dong Cheng Space for Contemporary Art, Singapore


Xin Dong Cheng Space for Contemporary Art, Beijing, China

Public Collections:
Shenzhen Art Museum
He Xiangning Art Museum
Chengdu Contemporary Art Center
Shanghai Art Museum
BMW China
Suzhou Museum of Art

About the Artist

Yang Xun’s innermost feelings of traditional literati are hidden within his stylish and handsome appearance. Sentiment, an obsession with tradition, is the most direct insight from Yang Xun’s works. Dark tones create a scene of wandering in the dream as if a weightless soul pursues spiritual destiny with the hold of light source. The overexposed garden and twisted twigs in his work represent the feelings of helplessness of vanishing tradition, life’s impermanence and inconstancy.
Yang Xun studies the combination of the tradition and the present, the reality and the dream, the personal memories and the historical memories continually.