PARTNERS / Artist / Hu Yiping

Hu Yiping



08/01/1953, Nanchang, China


1990: Theater and Art Studies, University of South Carolina.
1978-1980: Art Studies, Shanghai Theater Institute.


2010: Message of Spring, The National Arts Club, New York.
2005: United Nations 60th Anniversary Art Exhibition, New York.
2004: New York Artists Exhibition, The Empire Building, New York.
2003: Sculpture Exhibition, Gallery Yanhuang, New York.
2002: The Tenth Exhibition of Asian Artists, Gallery Schimmel Center For the Arts, Pace University, New York.
2002: The Chinese-Japanese Modern Art Exhibition, The New York Asian Art Museum.
2001: New Millennium Art Exhibit Asian Cultural Center, New York
2000: International Art Exhibit of Famous Chinese Artists, New York.
2000: Marble carving “White Apple” collected by Bill Clinton.
1999: 'Blessing for Peace' Representation, United Nations Headquarters, New York.
1998: Seal carving and calligraphy performance, Guggenheim Museum.
1997:'Dream Segue' Representation, Art Center of St. John’s University, New York.
1997: Two and Three Dimensions, China Art Center, New York.
1990: Carving Exhibit in North Carolina State University.


Queen Elizabeth Gallery, New York.

About the Artist

Used to be Art designer in Beijing Film institute; had worked for 10 films and TV movies series in total.
Now living and engaging in creative artistic works in New York.
Worked mostly on marble carving; also produced works of wood carving, oil painting, seal engraving, calligraphy, traditional Chinese painting...